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Furniture Loft, Market Harborough - 97% of items available in 7 days at the lowest prices

  • Family-run business
  • Sofas to take away, at the lowest prices in the UK
  • Probably the largest furniture store in the Midlands if not the country
  • Oak, painted, reclaimed, industrial, vintage and contemporary furniture
  • Bespoke sofas and beds
  • Guaranteed lowest prices on all items

Why are our prices so low?

We buy in container loads direct from the factory. Other retailers who buy from a distributor pay 33% more than us.

We then work with the factory producing the furniture to reduce our cost price even more by giving them favourable terms and ordering during their quieter period.

How do we compete on price with Internet only stores?

Selling online only means you don't have expensive shop property rent to pay. We own our building so don't pay rent either.

Online only businesses don't usually have their own warehouse; they pay their delivery company for space and staff costs. Internet stores normally pay an external company to deliver throughout the UK. This is costly and usually hidden in the online selling price of the furniture. We do have warehouses but that costs us much less and means that our customers can collect. 45% of you choose to do so; reducing our delivery costs. 90% of our deliveries are done by us.

Internet sales rely heavily on advertising on Google. This is very expensive adding some 15% to the price of a product. We don't need to do this as we don't rely solely on online sales.

We hope this explains how we can sell the same or very similar items for less than our competitors.