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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Why do you charge for delivery when others deliver free of charge?


A: They don't. They include the delivery charge in their price. If they didn't they would lose money. Please compare our prices, delivered, with theirs. We do this because customers can collect from our warehouse. This is normally not possible from an On-line retailer.


Q: I live within 40 miles of your store. Can I have a cheaper delivery?


A: Within 40 miles we charge £39 for delivery and the collected price for the furniture. This can be cheaper particularly if you are buying a number of items. To check this on-line, please enter the delivered prices into the basket and take a note of the total charge. Next change to collected prices and add the £39. Please note that our local delivering includes assembly of the furniture and removal of packaging.

For a full description of how our deliveries work, please click here.



Q: You claim to have the lowest prices. How?


A: Wherever possible we buy directly from the factory by 40ft container loads rather than through a middleman. Obviously, this is far cheaper. We own our store which saves us some £250,000 a year rent. Our systems are highly automated, saving more costs. We pass these savings on to you through lower prices.


Q: Some of your items look almost too cheap. Does that mean they are lower quality?


A: No. Low quality and customer returns are a major problem and cost to retailers. We choose what to stock based on how well it is made. We then work with the supplier to get the best prices to us by purchasing volumes and offering advantageous payment terms to the supplier.


Q: Do you match other retailer's prices?


A: Yes - in theory. In practise it hardly ever happens because we check that no one has lower delivered prices than us. Our collected prices are unbeatable.




Q: How do I collect my order?


A: You can collect Monday-Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm or Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm. We do ask you to tell us when you are coming so we can get your purchases together at the store. We do have other warehouses in Market Harborough and collecting from these may cause an hour delay.