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Bedroom Buying Guide


Buying the right size bed can be difficult even if you know what you are looking for. Many retailers use size references that conflict with what a friend, family member or even Google has told you; this often emerges from the murky waters between UK and US terminology. This guide will give you the correct terminology to buy a bed in the UK.

If you are buying a mattress for a bed frame you may find a small difference in length between the end of the mattress and the frame. This is normal; you will see it on many of the bed frames on display in our Market Harborough store.

US Mattresses are generally longer than European Mattresses. Many bed manufacturers supply both the European and US market with the same product. Their frames need to be long enough to accommodate US Mattresses (which are generally longer than UK mattresses); this is where the gap comes from.

Most customers place the mattress in the middle of the frame so that the gap is smaller at each end. If you would prefer, you can shift the mattress to the head or foot of the bed frame, creating a larger gap at just one end. As this is a common occurrence for British retailers of course a solution has been fashioned. A mattress wedge or end in-fill can be used to fill the gap. These can be purchased separately online from retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

We have a large selection of Divan Beds, Mattresses and Upholstered Headboards on display in our Market Harborough store.


Bedside Tables

One of the most common problems people have when buying bedsides online is that they don't realise quite what size the bedside is. The reason for this is that the product photograph must fit into a certain sized box. This means that a bedside that is much taller than another one may have to be shrunk in width to fit the box.

If you look at the two examples to the right from the Furniture Loft website, it seems that the one on the left is smaller than the one on the right, but that isn't the case. Another factor to consider is the size of the top of the bedside particularly if you're going to put a table lamp on it or your cup of tea!

To be useful, bedsides must be a similar height. This means that a 2-drawer bedside will have as much space inside the drawers as a 3-drawer bedside, making it more practical if you want to store clothing in the drawers.




Nearly all wardrobes currently available are made so that they can come apart; otherwise it would be very difficult to get them upstairs. However, this is not the same as flat pack furniture (see for more information below)

The base of the wardrobe will be in one piece including the drawer, if applicable. The doors of the wardrobe will be pre-hinged to the front frame and the sides of the wardrobe will either be separate or sometimes they may also be attached to the front frame by hinges. The back will be separate, and the top of the wardrobe will be in one piece.

When checking whether it will be possible to get the wardrobe up your stairs the important part to measure is the front frame with the doors. Please check not only the height and width of this part, but also the diagonal measurement as this will be important when carrying it upstairs. If in doubt, draw a plan of the narrowest part of your stairs and ask the shop floor for advice.

One of the most common problems with all wardrobes is that the knobs do not line up and one or more doors may stick, see to the right for a drawing of this.

This problem can be solved in a few minutes with a few pence in 95% of cases. Very seldom is the problem with the actual construction of the wardrobe. The real problem is normally that the wardrobe is not standing on a level surface. If the floor below one foot is at a different level to the others, the wardrobe will twist to allow all of the feet to touch the floor. Although this problem can occur in other pieces of furniture, it is far more common in wardrobes because of the size of the wardrobe and doors.


To confirm the cause of the problem, lift one corner of the top of the front of the wardrobe. This will change the alignment of the doors. To solve the problem take some 2 pence coins and put them under the front foot of the side that you are lifting. As floors are normally higher by the skirting board, sometimes a piece of furniture will slope forwards. To fix this, either place coins below the front feet or reduce the height of the back feet.