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Tetrad Sofas and Chairs

Forty five years ago Tetrad took the first steps towards becoming one of the UK's finest upholstery businesses. Its expert craftsmanship and the pride it takes in its beautifully hand-crafted furniture, have elevated Tetrad to an industry leading position.

Based out of its factory in Lancashire, England, Tetrad use only the finest materials to give you the best and most beautiful furniture possible.

All Tetrad Sofas, chairs and stools are made to a terrifically high standard with hardwood frames which are built to last, coupled with a variety of suspension options and covered in high quality fabric or hide thus giving you both choice and fine quality.

Tetrad understand that your furniture is not just functional but also very much a central feature of your home, its team of designers work tirelessly to develop new designs and ranges which will suit all tastes and fit any home.

The Tetrad Sofas and chairs you see below are usually on display in our Kimbell and Co Interiors store in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

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